About Us

Since the establishment of Ip power international patent and trademark office, we has always been committed to the intellectual property development in China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, presently has been one of the most professional international patent and trademark office holding China’s qualification resolving intellectual property matter in China, dealing with all Taiwan’s and China’s intellectual property legal actions, we have perfect experience on infringement of trademark and patent, as well as judicial proceedings in China, with particular expertise in intellectual property rights of the overall business plan, case analysis and global application. The principal of 『IP POWER』is to originate Taiwan's intellectual property spirit, unimpeded access intellectual property in China, specifically assisting our client with planning patent and trademark and other intellectual property related businesses, to facilitate our customer's business in China.



  • Provide domestic/international, patent/trademark consulting, application, a plea, appeal, administrative remedies and procedures
  • Provide domestic/international, patent/trademark infringement dispute/detain/claims and other civil/criminal litigation
  • International patent search/technical comparison/ infringement analysis/ strategy/planning/analysis
  • Assist the enterprises to establish patent management system, and construction patent layout
  • Patent transfer, patents value, patent technology transfer, patent licensing, patent pledge right
  • China well-known trademark application planning
  • China's criminal case processing
  • China patent/trademark application procedure, ban, litigation, claims
  • Free China patent/trademark data research/inquire
  • Civil law legal appeal and consulting