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大聯大cooperation was established in 1980 (China’s Headquarters established in 1986), as Asia's largest semiconductor parts distributors. Positions throughout Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, and India nearly more than 30 location, and set up 6 warehouses, total staff of more than 1700 members, 2004 become Asia's first semiconductor distributors with annual cumulative revenues exceeded US $ 20 billion. At March 2005大聯大 cooperation, 品佳 cooperation and 富威 technology announced conjoint as「大聯大控股」, forming in both the domestic and foreign marketing network, strong integrity agent product line as「大聯大」 brand, directly challenging global leading position. Our firm serving大聯大since 1999 as their agent has entrusted with global patent trademark, brand registration, licensing, etc.